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We have many packages to meet your needs. If you have any questions about our ultrasound packages please contact us.

Swift Angel



-Listen to Baby's Heartbeat

-10 Minute 2D Ultrasound

-4 Black & White Prints

-Recommended for 8-12 Weeks

Prince or Princess



-Determine Baby's Gender

-15 Minute 2D Ultrasound, 4D Peek if Possible

-6 Thermal Black & White/Color Prints

-13 Weeks or Later

Almost Here



-Last Look at Baby Before Delivery

-20 Minute 2D/4D Ultrasound

-6 Thermal Black & White/Color Prints

- Original Recording

-36 Weeks or Later

*No Reschedules or Discounts Apply

Angelic Glance



-Longer Look at Baby

-25 Minute 4D Ultrasound

-6 Black & White/Color Prints

-21-35 Weeks Preferred

-Original Recording

Angel eyes



-Longest Look at Baby

-35 Minute 4D Ultrasound

-12 Black & White/Color Prints

-Original Recording

* $20 off future visit within same pregnancy 

Watch Me Grow (Subscription)



-4 Visits Total (About 4 Weeks Apart)

-20 Minute Ultrasound 2D/4D

-4-6 Thermal Black & White Prints
& 2-5 Color Prints Per Visit

-2 Original Recordings

-1 Professionally Edited Video with Custom Music

* $300 Discount

angel Face


Base Price Includes:

-35 Minute 2D/4D Ultrasound

-16 Black & White/Color Prints

-1 Original Recording

-1 Professionally Edited Video with Custom Music

-"Angel Face Graphic Keepsake" Emailed and/or Printed 13x19

* Keepsake can Display Family Name, Baby Name, Due Date, etc.

Gender Reveal Party


25 -30 People


Gender Reveal and Ultrasound


Fruit & Veggie Tray /Beverages

Decorations & Event Setup

Rent Angel Face Imaging's Indoor & Outdoor Spaces for up to 3 Hours

*Base Price

*Please Ask About Customizations & Add-Ons!

Early Gender DNA Testing

Through our trusted Partners at:

Sneak Peek DNA Tests as Early as 6 Weeks

$149 Next Day Results

$129 Two Day Results

*Blood Collected on Site with 99.9% Accuracy

Pick a package that best fits your budget and family. All plans can purchase additional add-ons.

*25 additional charge for twins or multiples

*All Packages include theater viewing for you and your family

-Add Ons-

Heart Beat Stuffie

At Angel Face Imaging we can record your little one's heartbeat in one of our adorably soft stuffed animals. These are great keepsakes or gifts for a deployed daddy or grandparents out of town. We have many different types of animals for you to choose from.

We have Heartbeat recorders you can place in your own stuffie for added personalization.

Green Goods

Come see our ever changing boutique full of natural and good for you and the environment supplies. From glass feeding bottles and muslin cotton swaddles to Cloth and biodegradable diapers and hemp diaper bags!

Gift Certificates Available!

Surprise your Mommy-To-Be with a 4D ultrasound Gift Certificate! Call for details!