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About Me

Mother, Daughter, Woman of God, and lover of the human condition. My name is Allie Marie Terrebonne, RCS, RVS but, let’s not get too official. The story I am about to tell you began a long time ago, in a land far, far away called Larose, Louisiana. It’s where I was born in all the muck and the Mire, to a teacher and a trawl net maker. I grew up along the bayou waters with some amazing people. The people here work their fingers to the bone for their way of life and culture. These amazing women take care of their families and the house with so much strength and honor while their husbands are offshore or otherwise for long periods of time. These women, my mother, grandmother, and her mother before her showed me what a hard life was like and how God’s grace stayed with them through it all. 

The journey of our lives will have many twists and turns. Through confusion, rejection, triumph, pain, and faith, there is always an all-encompassing grace that is sprinkled like glitter above all our lives. His grace and love are what has brought me to you today in Fairhope, Alabama. Angel Face Imaging and Boutique is a thing of my own creation. It is a safe space for mothers, babies, and their families to come and see the miracle in your womb. A place for you to discover natural products and wholesome assets for you on this miracle journey of life. Come, join me here and experience all that a woman centered business can do for you.

With Love,